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#107 Steve Dell'Orto



On this episode of The Preconstruction Podcast, Gareth McGlynn sits down with Steve Dell'Orto at Advancing Preconstruction 2024 in Denver. Steve, the CEO of ConCntric, shares valuable insights about the company's journey, future plans, and customer feedback.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Event Insights: How Concentric found Advancing Preconstruction 2024.
  2. Workflows for Success: An in-depth look at Concentric's core workflows - Collaborate, Vision, Target Value Design, Foresight, and Timeline.
  3. Future Developments: Plans for the number of modules Concentric aims to build.
  4. GC Expectations: What general contractors can expect from Concentric.
  5. ROI: Understanding the return on investment when purchasing Concentric.
  6. Future Excitement: What excites Steve about Concentric's future and the plans for the next six months.
  7. Customer Feedback: Insights from other customers about their experiences with the platform.

Tune in to explore these topics and gain valuable insights into the cutting-edge solutions driving Concentric forward.

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